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What Candy Can You Eat with Braces

Imagine the journey to a perfect smile as a grand adventure. You have your map (the treatment plan), your guide (your orthodontist at Smile Studio), and your gear (your braces). Just like any adventurer knows what to carry, anyone with braces needs to understand the dietary do’s and don’ts. This path is filled with excitement, […]

before getting braces

8 Things You Need to Consider Before Getting Braces

Planning to get braces is a good start in taking care of your teeth. However, before getting braces immediately, it pays to acquire a better understanding of the treatment. What are they? Are there more types than one? How much will the whole treatment cost? These are only some of the questions that you need […]

Braces Adjustment

Braces Adjustment Appointment

Braces Adjustment Appointment Once the braces have been placed and the wires have been tightened for the first time, patients will be told to come back regularly for something called a braces adjustment appointment. As the wires are tightened, the teeth will start to move from their initial position and being the migration into their […]

Orthodontic Separators & Rubber Bands

Separators and Rubber Bands When patients have their wires and brackets placed, they should understand that the process of placing the braces has not been finished yet because the separators and rubber bands still need to be placed. The reason why these devices are not placed at the first visit is that they need time […]

Invisalign in Katy Technology

One of the things making Invisalign attractive is the ease of use.  Invisalign is accessible to most adults. You can get the process done quickly and it won’t interfere with your normal work and life schedule. Working adults who are busy and on the move enjoy the flexibility. Beyond your first visit, visits are short since they […]