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SmileExpress Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about getting treatment through the SmileExpress program?

We have a 2-step process to determine if you are eligible for the program. The first is to answer a few questions and submit some pictures that you can take with your personal phone online. If you pass the initial screening, the second step involves you coming in for a clinical exam to make sure orthodontic treatment is safe for you.

What is the cost for treatment through the SmileExpress program?

We are simplifying the orthodontic treatment process with this program. You have 3 options to undergo treatment with either metal braces or clear aligners:

  • Option 1: Pay $3,400 in full up front
  • Option 2: Easy financing over 18 months with $200 for a down payment and $200 per month for an additional 17 months for a total cost of $3,600
  • Option 3: Easy financing over 12 months with $200 for a down payment and $300 per month for an additional 11 months for a total cost of $3,500

If you would like treatment with clear braces on your upper teeth, it will cost you $200 more and your options are as follows:

  • Option 1: Pay $3,600 in full up front
  • Option 2: Easy financing over 18 months with $400 for a down payment and $200 per month for an additional 17 months for a total cost of $3,800
  • Option 3: Easy financing over 12 months with $400 for a down payment and $300 per month for an additional 11 months for a total cost of $3,700

Please note that we only offer clear braces for the upper teeth as part of the SmileExpress program in order to accomplish our goal of completing treatment within 12 months.

How do I qualify for financing for the SmileExpress program?

Every patient that qualifies for treatment through the SmileExpress program automatically qualifies for our in-house financing program. We do not require credit checks. The only thing we require is for you to enroll in our automatic payment options using either a credit card or a bank account.

What is included in the total price?

Orthodontic records, the initial cost of materials, all of your orthodontic adjustment appointments, and one set of removable retainers are included in the cost. Repair/replacement of orthodontic appliances beyond the initial placement will be subject to terms listed in our Office Policies.

I have heard of Invisalign. Is that what you use for your clear aligners?

Invisalign is simply one brand of clear aligners that are available in the market these days. They hold the largest share of the market and have done the most amount of marketing, which is why they are the most well-known brand. Ultimately, clear aligners are a tool used to move teeth, just like braces. It is the skill of the treating clinician that determines results, not which tool is used. We do use Invisalign in our office, but use other brands as well.

How are you able to offer orthodontic treatment at such a low cost?

Our careful screening and selection process enables us to make sure orthodontic treatment through our SmileExpress program takes 12 months or less. We are able to offer this incredible deal by limiting the duration of orthodontic treatment. Not all patients will qualify for the SmileExpressprogram.

How is this different than going through traditional orthodontic treatment?

Traditional orthodontic treatment requires an in-office consultation to determine the extent of treatment required, which then determines the cost. It is impossible to provide a cost without this consultation because every case is different. Some orthodontic cases can take 24 months, or even longer, to treat. However, since we are screening the right patients for the SmileExpress program to limit treatment to 12 months or less, we are able to provide a low, standardized cost to all patients.

How is this different than getting orthodontic treatment through online websites?

The biggest difference is that you have a Board-Certified Orthodontist that is monitoring your treatment. You get to meet the treating doctor (Dr. Hussaini) at every visit and he will be overseeing your case throughout the duration of your treatment! Every smile and every patient are different and unique. You deserve an orthodontist overseeing your entire treatment, not a customer support agent trying to answer clinical questions for you if you have any problems. We also have a dedicated staff that is present in a local office setting available to assist you and answer all of your questions.

Will I have to come in for appointments? How often?

Yes, orthodontic treatment requires oversight by the treating doctor to deliver the best results. For patients electing to pursue treatment with braces, we will ensure you are a candidate for the SmileExpress program at the first visit and give you the option to have your braces placed on if you elect. After braces are in place, you will be seen at 8-week intervals (one appointment approximately every 2 months). Some patients may require more frequent visits on a case by case basis. When your treatment has completed, you will be scheduled for two appointments to have your braces removed (the first for fitting you for retainers and the second to actually remove the braces).

Treatment with clear aligners will require fewer visits. The first appointment will ensure you are a candidate for the SmileExpress program and give you the option to get scanned (fitted) for clear aligners if you wish. The second appointment will be to deliver the clear aligners to you and go over care instructions. You will be scheduled your next appointment about 6 months in to your treatment to evaluate how your case is progressing and make any modifications as needed. Once your treatment has been completed, we will schedule your final two appointments (the first for fitting you for retainers and the second to deliver the retainers to you).

Will my insurance cover my orthodontic treatment?

We are not in-network providers for any insurance company for our SmileExpress program. Having said that, the main benefit of going with in-network providers, is that they have a contracted fee for services provided that they agree to charge all patients that have a coverage through a particular insurance company. Our fee will be lower than most, if not all, of these contracted fees. Your orthodontic benefits should be available to you whether you receive treatment with an in-network provider or an out-of-network provider. Therefore, it will be more financially beneficial for most patients to go through our SmileExpress program even though we are out-of-network. We encourage you to call your insurance company and confirm how your benefits will work. We are not responsible for coverage that you may or may not have through your insurance company.

Will you file my insurance for me?

We are able to provide our SmileExpress program at such a low cost by minimizing our overhead. One of the ways we accomplish this is by minimizing staff costs. As a result, your payments will be directly due to us. It will be your responsibility to file your claims with your insurance company and we are not responsible if they do not pay all or any part of your benefits.