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What are Clear Braces?

Clear Braces Vs Traditional Braces

For those who have thought about investing in braces, they have likely thought about the typical issues that kids and adults face when they have braces placed on their teeth. They have thought about the cost of having a straighter smile and have likely discussed the social issues that could come with having noticeable braces sitting on their teeth, however, there is another option for those thinking about getting braces. People may have heard in passing, what are clear braces?

This is an alternative treatment option to traditional braces that are less noticeable than the traditional treatment option. They could be the right treatment option for people of all ages.

What are Clear Braces?

Clear braces are still braces that are used to shift people’s teeth from their initial position into proper alignment, leading to a straight smile; however, they are significantly less noticeable to the naked eye than the traditional braces.

While the typical braces have metal wires and brackets that are used to shift the teeth, clear braces do the same job except that the brackets and wires are the same color as the tooth enamel itself. This makes it significantly harder to tell that someone has braces in their mouth. The clear color helps the treatment option blend in with the teeth, helping to remove some of the social concern.

What are they Made Out Of?

Clear braces have been constructed using a ceramic material. This material is slightly different from the typical metal material that is important in the construction of regular braces. While this does make them slightly more expensive, this also means that they aren’t as easily noticed as the metal wires and brackets.

The ceramic material has been specifically engineered to remain durable in the mouth of a patient while the braces do their job. This will mean that clear braces will provide plenty of efficacy in the movement of teeth.

Do Clear Braces Take Longer to Work?

For those who decide to go with clear braces, they should know that the typical treatment time of someone using clear braces is similar to that of the typical treatment performed with metal braces. While clear braces are invisible to the naked eye and not made out of metal, they are still braces.

They have wires and brackets that shift and move teeth in the same manner that traditional braces do. Therefore, people who follow the instructions of their oral health professional should expect to have a similar treatment time to those of people who use regular braces.

Clear Braces Require the Same Type of Care

Those who decide to go with braces, whether they are clear braces or metal braces, will need to take care of their braces to ensure that they have the beautiful smile of their dreams when the braces come off. Patients must think about braces while playing sports.

While braces are durable, they are not invincible. When people are playing sports, particularly contact sports, they should take extra care not to get hit in the mouth by another player or an object. Trauma to the mouth can damage a bracket or a wire and require an extra visit to the dentist or orthodontist.