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Payment Options For Braces?

Paying for Braces: What are Common Braces Payment Options?

When patients are thinking about using braces to fix an overbite, underbite, teeth crowding, or gaps, they are often concerned about the financial cost. Deciding to go with braces represents a significant financial investment that can lead to a host of rewards on the other side including a straighter smile, renewed self-confidence, and an easier time caring for their teeth. Most orthodontic practices are willing to work with patients to find a mode of payment that will suit their needs. This helps patients find the payment option that is best for them. With this in mind, what are some of the most common braces payment options?

What are the Braces Payment Options? Payment in Full

For those who prefer or have the ability to do so, they could decide to pay the entire treatment fee upfront before a single bracket lands on their teeth. Orthodontic practices usually appreciate this payment option because this saves them the trouble tracking a gradual payment option over time. If the entire treatment fee is paid on the front end, many practices will reward this by awarding a discount to show their appreciation. While this discount will vary from practice to practice, many orthodontists will offer around five percent off for paying in full before the braces are placed.

Payment over Time

The other option is to pay gradually over time. Because braces are expensive, many people don’t have the full amount on the first visit and this is understandable. There are many payment plans that are offered by Smile Studio Orthodontic practices that start with an initial payment followed by gradual payments made on a monthly basis that are spread out over the duration of the treatment time. Most practices will accept automatic payment options to remove the headache of remembering using credit cards or bank accounts. People can even pay online. This diverse array of options can help people finance braces.

Who can Help with Braces Payment Options?

Many people have dental insurance either through their employer or through a third party. Many insurance plans will cover a significant portion of the cost of braces, helping to ease the financial burden of having braces placed. The exact coverage of insurance will vary from provider to provider and from plan to plan. Therefore, people need to read their plan carefully and have their concerns addressed by their insurance provider before moving forward. It is important to ask about the size of the deductible, the percentage of coverage, and any lifetime limits that could be approached. These can all impact the final out of pocket expense for patients.

Bank Financing Options

For those who need additional help covering the cost of braces, banks often have plans that are able to provide financial assistance. They are able to provide a small loan to help pay for braces in the same manner that people might take out a loan for a car. Those who are thinking about asking for a help from a bank should ask important questions regarding the term of the loan such as the interest rate if there is one, and the timeframe over which the loan will be repaid. This is an attractive option for many patients who need help funding the cost of braces.