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How To Choose an Orthodontist?


How can I Choose an Orthodontist?

When people either are looking to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist or have a referral from their primary dentist, they may not know how to choose an orthodontist to handle their specialized care. This process is important because the specialist will be involved in the orthodontic care of the patient from start to finish. This is a process that could take years. It is normal for patients to have questions and concerns regarding how to select the right orthodontist to meet their needs.

Selecting a Specialist

It is possible that some providers could say that they’re an orthodontist without completing the recommended additional training. Patients should know that an orthodontist is an oral health professional that has gone to school and completed a residency for around two to three years after finishing dental school. This residency program will train them to provide specialized orthodontic care. They will carry the title “Orthodontic Specialist” when they have completed this training. Be sure to ask any potential orthodontist whether or not they have completed this training.

Are They Board Certified?

Once orthodontists complete this training, they may decide to sit for the board exam and earn their board certification. While this process is voluntary, it is a typical part of the training for most orthodontists. After they have completed and passed this board exam, they will earn the certification that signifies that they have the appropriate level of knowledge to provide specialized patient care in the field of orthodontics. In order to pass this exam, they must demonstrate a level of excellence. Patients who are looking for exceptional orthodontic care should locate a provider who has earned their board certification.

Think About Family, Friends, and Insurance

Once patients have found a couple of orthodontists that meet the first couple criteria, they should seek out recommendations from family and friends who might live in the geographic area. Find someone who has experience with a couple of different providers and asks them how they felt about their visits with that person. Furthermore, do not forget about insurance status. Insurance may help to cover some of the costs associated with orthodontic care, so find a provider that the insurance company is willing to help pay for. This can lead to big savings in the wallet.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for an Interview

In the end, selecting the right orthodontist is all about finding the right fit. Once the patient has a couple of orthodontists in mind, don’t be afraid to call and make an appointment. Speak with the professional about the orthodontic concerns and see if they are the right fit for the patient’s personality style and the orthodontic needs. Most orthodontists are willing to provide this opportunity for every potential patient and this is a vital step when patients are wondering how to choose an orthodontist. Schedule an appointment today.