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Process of Braces Placing By Expert At Richmond, Katy

Braces Placing

Placement of Braces

Once the treatment has been planned out and deciding, it will be time to place the braces on the teeth themselves. This visit can be a nervous experience for patients of all ages, particularly children, and it can be helpful for patients to understand the process of placing the brackets, wires, and bands. When patients know what to expect coming into the office, they can have many of their questions and concerns addressed that they may not have had otherwise.

The process of placing the Braces:

The brackets are not going to stick to the teeth if the surface is wet. Therefore, the teeth must be polished and dried first. The teeth are going to be polished with a bland paste that shouldn’t be irritable to any patient. In fact, this polish is similar to the polish used to clean the teeth. After polishing, the retractor will be placed in the cheek to make it easier to see the surface and yield a dry field. The teeth will be air dried and a conditioner will be placed on the front of the teeth to augment the process.

The Brackets and Wires are Placed

While the teeth are rinsed and dried again, the professional will place bonding cement on the back of the braces before. The brackets will then be placed in their proper location on each tooth with meticulous care to ensure that they do their job properly. Any excess cement will be taken off. Blue light could be used to cure the cement in place if the substance does not cure chemically. Once the brackets are placed, the retractor will be taken out and the wires will be put in position.

Rubber Bands will be Placed

About one week prior to placing the bands around the molars, the orthodontist will have placed separators to make room for the bands around the backs of the teeth. With room for the bands, each band will be placed in its proper location on the backs of the teeth. A bite stick could be used to ensure that the proper band is placed. The inside of each band will be lined with cement before being placed on the tooth. After placement, a blue light could be used to cure the cement and ensure that the bands stick.

The Professional will Review the Work

Once all pieces of the braces are in place, including the wires, bands, and brackets, the orthodontist will allow the patient to select the colored bands to hold the wires in place. Then, the orthodontist will step back and review the result. If placing the braces went well, the result should be what everyone expected. Patients may feel some mild discomfort after the placement; however, it is important for patients to understand that this will fade with time. Patients should call today to schedule an appointment to have their questions answered.