Braces Adjustment: How Often Should I Get An Appointment?

Braces Adjustment Appointment

Braces Adjustment

Braces Adjustment Appointment

Once the braces have been placed and the wires have been tightened for the first time, patients will be told to come back regularly for something called a braces adjustment appointment. As the wires are tightened, the teeth will start to move from their initial position and being the migration into their final position; however, this process is going to require a handful of appointments to adjust the wires and keep the teeth moving.

The Orthodontist can Review the Work at the Braces Adjustment Appointment

Many patients wonder why these visits are necessary once the braces have been placed and the wires have been tightened. It is important for the professional to make sure that everything is going according to plan. These appointments give the orthodontist an opportunity to do just that. The tooth movement will be evaluated and adjustments will be made if necessary. As the teeth are moving, each adjustment is an important opportunity to ensure that everything is going according to plan. If treatment adjustments must be made, these will be discussed with the patient at this time.

How Far Apart Will the Visits be Placed?

At each visit, the wires will be reset and tightened to a varying degree. The changes that are witnessed from the tightening are going to take a few weeks to take effect and get the teeth moving. Therefore, each appointment will be made around three to eight weeks apart. Some patients may need to wait longer if the wires are made from a material that requires a longer range to take effect. On the other hand, some patients may fall on the shorter end of this spectrum. This will be discussed with each patient individually.

What Happens at Each Visit?

At the adjustment appointment, a handful of tasks will be handled. First, the colored ties that the patient selected will be removed. After this, the wires will be taken out. Patients will then be instructed to brush and floss to clean surfaces of the teeth that typically are concealed by the wires. The orthodontist will review the teeth with the wires off to get a better look at the progress up until this point. Finally, the new wires will be placed and tightened and the patient can select new colors for their bands if they desire.

Discomfort will Return

Patients need to understand that the discomfort that they feel after having the braces placed is due to the tightening of the wire. Therefore, this discomfort is going to return when the wires are tightened to a new degree. This discomfort will fade over time; however, patients could have trouble eating tough foods for a few days after the treatment. Over the counter pain reliever might help relieve some of the discomforts. For more information, contact an oral health professional to have any questions answered and schedule an appointment.