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TADS – Temporary Anchorage Devices

Have you ever seen a movie or TV show where some poor kid is wearing orthodontic headgear as a comedic device? It may seem funny to an observer, but complicated headgear was truly once used to correct severe orthodontic problems. Fortunately, these measures are rarely necessary today.

Instead, patients in the Katy and Richmond, TX areas can benefit from temporary anchorage devices (TAD). TADs function as headgear once did, providing a stable and fixed point for drawing the teeth into proper position. Dr. Khan at Smile Studio Orthodontics can implant the TAD into a patient’s jawbone in a quick procedure with minimal or no discomfort. The positioning of the TADs means these devices are not readily visible. After the teeth have had a chance to move into the correct position – usually after several months – Dr. Khan will remove the TADs.

Orthodontics has come a long way over the years, and the use of TADs is certainly an attractive alternative to cumbersome and highly-visible headgear.  If interested in our high-tech office and modern approach to orthodontics, please call Smile Studio Orthodontics at New Patient Number: (832) 791-3117, Existing Number: (832) 535-1865 to schedule your FREE consultation.