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Phase I Treatment

Early Treatment to Prevent Future Problems

Lots of young children have minor over-crowding of their teeth or mild bite problems.  These conditions are usually not a major concern.  But many young children also have more significant over-crowding and severe bite issues.  One may ask: why not wait until all the permanent teeth have arrived to begin orthodontic correction?

Contrary to popular belief, delaying orthodontic treatment until the age of 12-13 is not always the best option. Young children who have moderate to severe orthodontic issues sometimes need treatment even before the first permanent tooth has erupted. If left untreated, these kids can suffer from jaw deformities, serious bite misalignment, and crowding once their permanent teeth appear.  This is why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children see an orthodontist starting at the age of 7.  To make this easy for you, our Katy and Richmond, TX orthodontist office offers FREE consultations and a full examination to help you understand how your child is growing and developing.

Dr. Khan, who was trained under the late Dr. Ronald Bell, is well-versed in Phase I treatment.  Also called early interceptive treatment, Phase 1 orthodontic treatment can help prevent a host of early developmental problems. Effective Phase I treatment can prevent the future need for oral surgery and more invasive orthodontic procedures such as extractions, headgears, appliances, etc.

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