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Laser Gum Recontouring

Make Your Smile More Symmetrical and Attractive

Do you suffer from a “gummy smile?” This phenomenon affects people with extensive gum tissue extending over their teeth. Such a smile can make your teeth appear too tiny and may even cause you to be hesitant to show your pearly whites.

At Smile Studio Orthodontics, Dr. Khan offers laser gum recontouring to correct this condition. Dr. Khan serves the Richmond and Katy, Texas areas with this effective and largely pain-free procedure that can reshape your smile’s appearance into beautiful symmetry.

He performs gum recontouring with a special laser. After first applying anesthetic, Dr. Khan carefully and skillfully removes a small amount of gum tissue to give you perfectly-framed teeth. You may experience some mild soreness for a week or so afterward, but Dr. Khan will provide you with appropriate pain medication.

After any swelling recedes in about seven to 10 days, you will notice more attractive teeth. Now there’s no excuse for hiding your smile!

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