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Digital X-rays

Quicker X-Rays with Less Radiation

Radiography, or x-rays, are crucial in orthodontics and dentistry. This imaging tool allows Dr. Khan to see what is going on below the surface of your gums so that he can anticipate and address future problems. Digital X-rays dental are also excellent for detecting decay or bone loss.

Although some offices still use old-fashioned film x-rays, they are truly relics of the past. These radiographs use caustic chemicals to develop, harming the environment. Also, film x-rays are often subject to error, causing repeat x-rays and more radiation exposure to you, the patient.

To avoid these issues, Dr. Rizwan Khan uses a high-end Sirona digital x-ray system in his Richmond/Katy, TX orthodontist practice. He can enhance the digital radiographs through a computer, eliminating the need for additional x-ray exposures. In fact, digital x-rays use up to 70% less radiation than conventional radiographs and can deliver less radiation than some airplane flights you may go on.

Furthermore, digital x-rays are much quicker since there is no developing time. This means you spend less time in the office.

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