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What type of Orthodontic Removable Treatments are there?

What type of Orthodontic Removable Treatments are there?

There are many different ways to treat orthodontic issues.  The best treatment will depend on the severity of your issues. 

Headgear : This is a strap that is placed around the back of your head and attached to a metal wire in the front.  The goal is to reduce growth of the upper jaw.  It helps hold the back teeth where they are and pull back the front teeth.

Retainers : These are worn on the roof of the mouth.  The purpose is to prevent shifting.  They can also help with preventing thumb sucking.

Aligners : This is an alternative to braces for adults.  Aligners are increasingly being used by orthodontists to move teeth in the same ways braces work.  Only there is are no metal, wires, and brackets.  You will need to remove them when you eat and brush your teeth.

Space Maintainers : You have the option of choosing removable space retainers rather than fixed.  They are made from acrylic base and fit over the jaw.  There is wire or plastic between the teeth that need more space.

Jaw Appliances : These are also called splints.  They are worn on either the top or bottom jaw to help train the jaw to close.  This may be used for TMJ

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