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What is Crowded or Misaligned Teeth?

What is crowded or misaligned teeth?

The medical term is Malocclusion. It is common for both adults and children to have crowded teeth. Simply put teeth crowding occurs when there is insufficient room for your teeth to fit and grow properly. Teeth can erupt into the mouth at an angle, twisted or overlapping. One reason why this happens is that our mouth is too small and generally adult teeth are bigger than baby teeth. Contrary to popular belief several studies have shown that removing wisdom teeth will not lessen the chances of teeth crowding. And in the case of bottom teeth crowding this can arise due to differences in size of the upper and lower jaws. There are many reasons why teeth crowding? can occur and each person will be unique. Aligning your teeth while young is preferred as it could mean less dental issues later in adulthood.

What are the issues with crowded teeth?

Crowded teeth can make the daily chore of flossing and teeth cleaning more challenging. It is harder to reach all the surface areas to eliminate plaque on and around each tooth. There is also increased risk of tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Having several crowded teeth together can often be accompanied with an under or overbite which ultimately may affect how you chew hence result in jaw pain. While there is the potential for health issues certain individuals may suffer from lack of self-esteem and heightened self-awareness with crooked and crowded teeth.

Crowded teeth braces

Do you have crowded teeth that are crooked? Or do you wish to align your teeth for a better smile? Then the answer would be to use crowded teeth braces. Our orthodontics professional Dr. Rizwan Khan can correct crowded teeth with braces using various methods.

  • Metal braces – Made of stainless steel brackets and wires.
  • Ceramic braces – Same as metal but ceramic brackets blend more to your teeth.
  • Lingual braces – same as metal but installed inside of teeth so they are hidden
  • Invisalign – A treatment plan of customized clear trays replaced every few weeks.

If you are wondering which braces delivers the fastest results the answer would be modernized braces however Invisalign is also very popular. Does invisalign work for crowded teeth? Absolutely, while the average treatment plan may cover 12 months most people will start to see a difference in their teeth in only a few months.

In summary crowded teeth is very common and can be found in all age groups. It can lead to problems associated with hygiene and possible health issues. If you have concerns or an interest in braces offered by we welcome you to call (832) 535-1865 or visit our office located in Katy at The Shops Bella Terra complex.