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Invisalign in Katy

Everyone wants to have a great smile, but unfortunately, not everyone is born with one.  Some of us may need assistance in getting that perfect smile. This is where braces and aligners come into play. While traditional braces did an okay job, it also has a number of drawbacks: wires, brackets, and bands that interfere with the functionality of the mouth and teeth.  Eating can be difficult.  And there are many stories of people having to juice their food to eat it due to the pain of braces.  

Traditional braces are visible and for most people, they are not a great look. This is where Invisalign comes in. It is virtually invisible and almost impossible for anyone to know you are wearing aligners. This makes them more desirable than braces and other aligners when it comes to fixing your smile. Invisalign doesn’t impact how one speaks as much as braces do, nor do they make eating as difficult. 

Invisalign is made up of a series of plastic trays that fit onto your teeth, and are virtually invisible. If you are in Katy, you can visit to get measurements taken so a set of Invisalign aligners that correspond to impressions of your teeth and mouth can be created. These plastic trays are swapped out for new ones every few weeks. The trays work by slowly moving your teeth into their desired positions, in a process that is painless. After having Invisalign fitted, subsequent visits are short and sweet They are only meant to check on your progress. 

It is quite comfortable to wear compared to braces. Many prefer the feel of Invisalign over braces. The aligners are removable which means it does not interfere with such as flossing and brushing teeth. It takes about a year on average for treatment with Invisalign.  The results are with the wait.