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Digital Dental X-rays in Katy

Dental X-Ray

Digital dental X-rays can be used for detecting, diagnosing, monitoring and treating oral diseases.  It uses digital radiography to understand what is happening with your teeth and gums.  There are 3 methods to produce digital dental images.  The first method is called the direct method which involves an electronic sensor in the mouth to record images.  The second method is called the indirect method which is a technique that mess use of an X-ray film scanner that enables the viewing of traditional dental X-rays as images.  The last method is called the semi-indirect method which combines using a sensor and a scanner to convert dental X-rays into a digital film.  We will look into the pros and cons of each method with

If you are considering getting a digital dental X-ray, consider  Digital dental X-rays are divided into 2 categories: ones taken inside the mouth or intraoral and ones taken outside the mouth or extraoral.  The most common are intraoral X-rays.  They provide more detailed and analysis. And are used to check for cavities, monitoring teeth through development, and determining potential tooth problems.  Extraoral X-rays do not provide the same level of detail and are mostly used to check the extent of damage if there is a collision.  

There are 2 types of intraoral X-rays, bitewing X-rays which are taken when one bites down on a film.  And periapical X-Ray which shows the root tip and beyond to the grown.  

There are a few types of extraoral X-rays: panoramic, multi-slice computed tomography, MTC, cephalometric projections, sialography, and cone beam computerized tomography, CBCT

There are a number of benefits digital dental X-rays have over traditional dental X-rays.  Digital dental X-rays can reveal decay between teeth, below fillings, bone infections, cysts, abscesses, gum diseases as well as tumors.  Another advantage is they can be viewed immediately on a computer screen.  The digital media is easy to store for future reference.  Digital dental X-rays require less radiation compared to traditional dental X-rays.  They are also more environmentally friendly since they do not use any hazardous materials.  Getting digital dental X-rays allows your dentist to detect and treat earlier.  This saves money and time.  You can experience all these advantages by heading over to, the best place in Katy for your dental needs.